The Deerpark Forest Walk

Pine Trees in Deerpark Forest, Cornwall

Deerpark Forest Walk 1


Deerpark Forest, Cornwall




Surprisingly nice.


The Deerpark Walk


Around 3 miles.

Walking Buddy:

The awesome Ziggi.


I’m going to level with you here, Hikers. I’m from Devon and I am slightly disappointed in myself that the first Westcountry walk I’m uploading onto this site is in Cornwall. I will be rectifying this as soon as possible…
Deerpark Forest 2
A few weeks ago, my best friend from home and I had a long weekend away in Cornwall (she actually packed teabags, Hikers – such is the Devonian mistrust of the Cornish). I naturally collected a walking map from Reception upon checking in and on our first morning, we donned our hiking boots, grabbed our cameras, and prepared to take some woodland selfies (which I won’t inflict on you).

Although this walk is supposed to start from the public car park and picnic area on the right as you approach the site from the main road; we decided to start halfway along the route as it passed by relatively close to our chalet. Once we reached the track, we followed the route clockwise with some lovely views of the pine trees which covered the other side of the valley.

We found this to be a nice, easy woodland walk with a clear path which takes you from one side of a valley to another and back again – the perfect setting for a catch up chat. It even featured a slightly creepy hut at one end to ponder, although we did find the walk to be slightly under-benched (until you reach the picnic area) and therefore ate our snacks perched precariously on a fence.

Zigs had recently invested in a new camera and the forest provided her with some excellent shots (which I attempted to recreate with my smart phone – mixed results, hikers!). Although the scenery wasn’t overly dramatic, the views were pleasant and the air was beautifully fresh. The sun was shining through the treetops for most of the walk so we had lovely dappled light to play with – interesting light is always good for photography!

This walk was exactly what we needed to kick off our trip, nice and gentle but fresh and interesting. I am pleased to report that it was followed by a great weekend!


View from the Deerpark Forest Picnic Area

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