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Hello and thank you for dropping by! First things first, this book club isn’t even remotely hiking related – although who doesn’t like going for a walk to find a secluded spot in which to curl up with a good book? – but as books are most definitely writing related, I’m sure you’ll agree that this book club is not out of place here. For details of the non-hiking-y titles you can expect from this Book Club, read on…

How it works

At the moment this book club is mostly run online (although there are some physical meet-ups in the offing). Each month I send out a emails with details of the book for the coming month, a vote on what we read the month after that, and a request for nominations of future titles.
There are many ways to get involved: nominating books for the group to read, tweeting about your progress using “#WHBookClub”, commenting on each book’s web-page with your thoughts (the pages can be reached using the links below), voting for the next book, and, of course, by reading the blinkin’ books!

What we’re reading this month

The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris


This Book Club started life as the Fe-line Book Club in September 2014. When Fe-line sadly closed it’s doors in April 2015, the Book Club found a new home here on WriterHiker.
Here is what we’ve read to date:


How To Get Involved

If you like the sound of the books we’ve been reading, then come and join in! Simply fill out the form below to join the mailing list and get details of future titles, get yourself a copy of the latest book, and start reading. If there are any books you’d love to read with the Book Club and you’re simply too excited to wait for the next mail out, then you can always drop me an email.

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