About Me

I’m Debs and I live in rural Oxfordshire with my partner, James. I grew up in North Devon, so I’ve been surrounded by countryside for most of my life – this is probably why I love roaming around in it so much. I love a good old fashioned cuppa tea and am the proud owner of two teapots (one spotty, one stripy). I also love curling up in front of an open fire with a good book on a chilly winters evening (to check out some of what I’ve been reading recently, do have a look at the Book Club pages). What else? I’m a (nearly) life-long veggie, I hate litter (seriously, is it so hard to hold on to stuff until you find a bin?), and I probably watch far too much telly.


Cue Selfies:


The Day Job

When I’m not stomping about the countryside in my hiking boots and getting myself all muddy, I can be found typing away in my home office. I love being a freelancer as it means I get to spend my days in my lovely home with the freedom to move my schedule around to suit me. I can work on various projects simultaniously whilst retaining enough time to load the dishwasher. And if I want to take a long lunch break and go for a walk? Well, there’s nothing to stop me!


If you’d like to get in touch, then please do! Simply send me an email using the form below.


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